Driving Forward

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Experiment: Code Reuse as a Growth Hack?

When developing software you are almost always looking to code for reuse.  It’s great if you can use it multiple times in an application, but what about taking parts to create something standalone and useful as a marketing tool? While doing some experimental coding for Referral Rock I was trying to find out if I could see how many times a…

Announcing My Latest Project : Referral Rock

I’ve been somewhat quiet about my latest project: Referral Rock, but now I am ready to add the additional public pressure of letting it be known to all of the Internets!   Here’s the gist: Just about everyone is familiar with customer referral programs. You know the ones where you refer a friend and you and the friend may get a…

Idea: Smart Todo List App

I’m always looking for business ideas and I come up with quite a few on a regular basis.  I’m going to start posting some that I have little or no intention of pursuing. The first one is “Smart Todo List”. Basic User Need - I want the app to answer the question. What is the most important task I should be…

Wanted! Equation on how should I value my time

My friend Jay and I had a brief twitter conversation about being guilty https://twitter.com/wjhuie/status/283748389278056448 of wasting time on little things. I read this article awhile back (How should a startup founder value her time? | A Smart Bear) and have been meaning to come up with some sort of relevant equation that can apply to everyone.  Not just for “business/work” time, but also…

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