Tools I Use

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This page is occasionally updated to reflect what I am using now

Phone:  Google Nexus 4

Pure android at it’s finest.   Especially when you use so many Google apps and tools.

Browser:  Google Chrome

Great browser and even better development tool… nuff said.

Browser Extension:  Momentum

A pretty recent addition that helps me focus on the day.  Hits me right at the point I open a new tab and reminds me of my goals.

Browser Extension: OneTab

Because I leave so many tabs open.  This way I can clear the deck and go back to them later.

To do list management : Any.Do #chrome #android

Great task list manager that integrates with my world of android and chrome.  Love my “Any.Do moments”!

Drink of choice:  Black Coffee

Whole beans ground with burr grinder, either drip brewed or Aeropress.

Stress Relief :  Handball 2x per week

One of my passions in life that happens to be a great stress reliever.  Awesome workout and a great mental and physical challenge.



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