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Startups Don’t Die, They Commit Suicide

27 Jun

Startups Don’t Die, They Commit Suicide.

This article is especially relevant to me right now and the state of UberNote.

I especially like the example story of Airbnb.  I’ve heard inspiring stories about them in the past.  (Obamo O’s was a pretty good one)

What I didn’t know was that the founders were originally designers and I didn’t hear about all their trials and failures before getting into Y-combinator.  To try and fail that many times with little or no traction is very commendable.

UberNote had some early wins that kept our heads in the game.  We had some good blog press and retention of traffic at the right times when we needed it to keep going.  Right now we have slow growth and a consistent user base, which honestly has kept us from throwing in the towel many times.

We don’t have hockey stick growth or tons of press.  Maybe if we did we’d be approaching UberNote differently.

Outside the initial rush of starting a startup (first year?), how much does your effort and fortitude relate to your traction, growth and retention?   I’d argue that they have a pretty close correlation.


Taking the Slow Leap

1 Apr

I was ready to combine my attraction to running my own business with my expertise and skill set.  I was sure pretty confident that was a formula for success, but this epiphany didn’t come overnight.  It was a slow process over the course of about three months.

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The Logic in Starting UberNote

22 Mar

The idea for UberNote started over 4 years ago in late 2006 (It’s a little hard to believe).  During that time “web 2.0” startups were at their peak.  Delicious, Flickr, Myspace and other early businesses in this space had had successful exits.

Since this was our first startup, we had the starry eyed dreams of becoming viral and being sold as the next great startup.  Why not us?

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