My Startup Journey

UberNote has officially shut down

It was a difficult decision, but UberNote has officially shut down. UberNote started as a side project built in a townhouse north of Baltimore on nights and weekends.  We had our own personal need for a way to keep our notes in the cloud.  This was before mobile apps, smartphones and our biggest competitors had an online note product.

As UberNote grew useful for our friends and family, we created a company and left our full-time jobs to travel down the path of a technology start-up.  Starting a company with some of your best friends is not something everyone gets to experience and I believe we truly valued it.

Since then, everyone has gone on to do truly awesome things since UberNote.  We have employees of YahooMozilla and MathWorks among our alumni.  One of the UberNote founders has also started a new start-up called Referral Rock for creating customer referral programs for small businesses.  UberNote had ups and downs but ultimately we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  

Finally, we would like to thank all our loyal users.  UberNote was shaped based on your feedback and usage.  Without all of you, UberNote would have never gotten out of Baltimore for the world to see.