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ioBridge Breast Milk / Freezer Monitor

11 Oct

My first ioBridge project is a freezer monitor.  It’s fairly simple but quite valuable.

Here’s the background:

My wife and I recently added our first child into the world and decided to breast feed.  With breast feeding comes pumping and storing breast milk for later use for the baby.  My wife refers to our stored milk as “liquid gold”, it’s a major time and convenience  commitment to do it properly.  As with any milk, breast milk has a short shelf life so freezing is necessary.

We also live in an area where a lot of the power that comes to our house comes in through above ground lines, so when there is inclement weather we are at risk of short to long power outages.   The freezer is inherited from my parents.  I don’t know exactly how old it is, but it’s running!  I’m sure its days are numbered.

So all of this leaves us in a constant state of worry about our freezer storing this precious commodity.   Is there power at the house?  Is our freezer dead?  IS THE MILK OK?


The old phrase “crying over spilled milk”  has never made as much sense as it does now.

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With M2M the Exmobaby Takes Baby Monitors to a New Level

6 Oct

With M2M the Exmobaby Takes Baby Monitors to a New Level.

M2M has been used in several innovative products. In the past, M2M has used RFID tags on runners to analyze and monitor their heath. Now, M2M is being used on babies with the new Exmobaby onesies.

Exmovere created the Exmobaby pajama with bio-sensor fabric. It contains a small receiver equipped with a Zigbee tranceiver to give parents updates about their infant via cell phone or computer. Using these innovative onesies, parents are now able to monitor their infant’s health, emotional state, behavior, and heart rate. The Exmobaby is extremely useful for parents who are worried about their baby being at risk for sleep apnea or sudden infant death syndrome.

This new technology will also be convenient when either parent is out of the house. In addition, if the infant is with a babysitter, parents can still monitor what is going on with their baby. With M2M technology, Exmovere has made regular baby monitors seem like a thing of the past.

I’m a new parent with an infant and I find this very interesting.  I’m probably not the target market, but for the casual parent I think this is a little overkill.  I’m also not sure of the cost of one of those super monitoring onesies.  If you have a dozen of them with all the hardware in them, do you have to sync up which one is on?  What about washing them?  I think the products like the baby sensor mats they have today are over the top.  We have a basic wireless sound monitor, that does just fine.

After talking to my wife who is a NICU nurse, she thought it was a great idea… If it works.  She said today, babies with issues often go home with sensor leads on them.  These are not the most ideal as they can easily fall off and are subject to frequent false positive alarms.  I’m sure that market is decently sized on it’s own and could have a real application, I just don’t see it making  “regular baby monitors seem like a thing of the past” as they said.

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