My Startup Journey

The Logic in Starting UberNote

The idea for UberNote started over 4 years ago in late 2006 (It’s a little hard to believe).  During that time “web 2.0” startups were at their peak.  Delicious, Flickr, Myspace and other early businesses in this space had had successful exits.

Since this was our first startup, we had the starry eyed dreams of becoming viral and being sold as the next great startup.  Why not us?

  • We had an idea that we saw a immediate personal need for
  • There wasn’t a dominant market leader in the space
  • We had a vision of how information would flow from personal->private sharing->public
  • We had the technical chops to pull it off
  • We had nothing to lose by trying


At this point in my life I had successfully worked my way up from developer to a Director level reporting to the COO and CIO in a small SAS company.  I led multiple successful projects for some big name customers and built systems to handle a high level of traffic (at least what I thought was high at the time).  At that point I felt I learned as much as I could there and I was no longer passionate about my work at the company.

A few years earlier I became a partner in a local automotive brick and mortar business in my spare time.  I was not a subject matter expert in that business and was not there on a day to day basis which eventually contributed to its closing.  Through that process I learned a lot about the inner workings of running a business and the emotional ups and downs of having real money on the line (to this day I consider it an MBA of sorts).  The experience also gave me a taste of being an entrepreneur, the risks involved and making my own rules.

Next up, taking the leap…