My Startup Journey

Taking the Slow Leap

I was ready to combine my attraction to running my own business with my expertise and skill set.  I was sure pretty confident that was a formula for success, but this epiphany didn’t come overnight.  It was a slow process over the course of about three months.

One toe in -> One foot in

We started working on UberNote on nights and weekends until it basically got to the point were all we wanted to do in life was work on it.   I approached my employer and worked out a deal to work 2-3 days a week over the course of the next few months.  One thing I didn’t realize at that time was that there really wasn’t much turning back at this point once they knew I wasn’t 100% focused on their business.  I thought, if I got cold feet I could always go back or something and they would welcome me with open arms.  Over the course of that time people some people who I thought were my friends became less and less responsive.  I started to become the next scapegoat…

On a positive note, this period allowed me to transition my knowledge and responsibilities in a professional manner ( which was very important to me that I didn’t let the company down and I knew I did everything to the best of my ability with good intent) and dip more than just a toe into UberNote.  It may seem like a small step, but having that extra 2-3 days per week to be on your own was great.