Good funding stories vs evil funding stories

I just finished reading and can’t help but feel inspired. If you have the time and are interested in funding, it is a great read. When I hear funding stories they are in one of two categories. 1) Everything is awesome! Everyone wants to give me money! This is so easy! I kick ass! 2) Ups and downs. Failures. Rejection. Thinking of giving up. Pivots. Small success. Medium success. Reality.

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Taking the Slow Leap

I was ready to combine my attraction to running my own business with my expertise and skill set.  I was sure pretty confident that was a formula for success, but this epiphany didn’t come overnight.  It was a slow process over the course of about three months.

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The Logic in Starting UberNote

The idea for UberNote started over 4 years ago in late 2006 (It’s a little hard to believe).  During that time “web 2.0” startups were at their peak.  Delicious, Flickr, Myspace and other early businesses in this space had had successful exits. Since this was our first startup, we had the starry eyed dreams of becoming viral and being sold as the next great startup.  Why not us?

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